As digitization of your business is important in case of management and expansion of your existing working modules, Our service provide all the basic structure and software that needed to simplify your required workspace and business requirment.


All the service providers are available in Consultancy area are usually expensive and no guaranty of required result.But Unlike other services, we provide guaranteed solution to your technical problem with nominal fees and try to cover all the areas according to involvement and scope of your project.


Our service provide unique outsourcing techniques. Our service for outsoure can handle a infinite scope for application development and business solution according to your requirement and business specification. Keeping the objecting as to help you to reduce costs by transferring only specific portions of work to our service.

Website and Web Application

Unique web design and web application pursued by the NCOM to create next generation of web technology. We can create all type of static to dynamic website for your business.

Ethical Hacking and Serurity

Ethical hacking for security and other technical purpose is one of our specialized area. Hacking for security check and creating secure base for your business our main objective under our Service.

Data Recovery

Our Service Provide Harware level Data Recovery for damage data from HardDrives and other Storage even from Database Server.

NCOM Technology